Our Story

Scott and I met a little over 6 years ago. I had just come home from serving a mission for my church and had moved to a different state and was staying with family so I could get a job and work for the spring and summer before I went back to school in the fall. My first Sunday there Scott asked me out on a date and that was it! A little over 5 months later we were married! 

Scott was in Civil Air Patrol all during High School and in the ROTC during his first several semesters of college and he really enjoyed it. Off and on over the first few years of our marriage he would bring up joining the Air Force and I was very resistant to the idea. This last year when he brought it up again, he was more serious about it than he had ever seemed before so I decided to really give it some thought before I shot down the idea. After doing some research and learning A LOT more about the Air Force and getting rid of some misconceptions I had we decided to move forward. Fast forward many months and here we are! Scott applied for and was selected for Officer Training School in the Delayed Entry Program so he can finish his Bachelor’s degree this year. After a very frustrating few months of trying to find information and advice about joining the Air Force as an officer right out of college I decided to start keeping a blog about our journey. (There are lots of Great blogs and sites about joining as an enlisted airman which is wonderful and I’ve learned a lot from them, but I just couldn’t find info for our specific situation). So, come along with us as we go through our journey of joining the Air Force! 

Wedding Day!

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