Who I am

Hey, I'm Melody!

 My interests and who I am are kind of all the over the place, so here is just a smattering of who I am:

 -Married to the man of my dreams for almost 6 years.

- Mom of two super active, super adorable little girls, who I shall call "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" on this blog. Thing 1 is 4 years old and Thing 2 just had her 2nd birthday.

 -Taking a break from school to be home with my girls, but I long for the day I can finish my bachelor’s degree, only a couple semesters left!

- Obsessed with cake decorating. I pin all the fun cakes I want to make on pinterest so I can remember them for the time (hopefully soon) that my girls will give me time to play in the kitchen like I used to!

- Quilting has become a new hobby lately and I love, love, love picking out fabric and coordinating all the colors! I can spend hours in the fabric store!

- I studied Interior Design for one semester and it has always been something I would love to do. I’m always ripping pictures out of magazines for my “My House” inspiration binder.

- I like to imagine that I am crafty and always want to start craft projects but I think I need a little more practice before I can really say that’s something I’m good at…

- Love parties and love planning them!! I always say that people never throw enough parties! If you are throwing a party I’ll help you plan it!!

- In any spare time I can squeeze in I love to read books! My hubby won’t buy me books for birthdays and things anymore because I tear through them so fast! If it’s a good one though, I will reread it many times! Although I love historical fiction and mystery novels, any good, clean book with a decent story line will probably get checked out of the library by me. My newest favorite author is Sarah M. Eden.

One last thing I CAN"T forget is that I am an all out chocolate addict!

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