Sunday, May 4, 2014

Running, A New Start

Erica over at Minner Winner Chicken Dinner and I are going to be virtual running buddies! That means no more slacking for me anymore! NO MORE EXCUSES! And really, I do have an elliptical in the basement and a double jogger so I shouldn't have any excuses, although it did snow earlier this week, which was totally weird.... At the end of the week I'll (hopefully) post and tell you all how it went this week and how I stacked up against my goals.
I had my hubby print out some inspiring pictures that I have put up on the front of the snack cabinet in the kitchen and some that I will post in front of the elliptical as motivation. They are a combination of pictures. Some are pictures of me from my healthy/thinner days when I was comfortable in my body. Sometimes it's easy to feel discouraged and feel like my goals are unattainable and this way I have tangible proof that my body can in fact do this!

Also there are pictures of some fun outfits (both casual and more formal) from Pinterest that I would love to be able to rock.
I'm on the search for a couple of new running songs to add to my workout playlist so hit me up with your favorites! (just as an fyi, I try to avoid songs with lots of swears or innuendos) What songs keep you moving when you are exercising?


  1. Good luck with the running!

    I like upbeat songs..or I listen to songs from musicals, like the Wicked soundtrack.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! Since I get bored with too much of one type of music I love that soundtracks seem to have a wide variety! One of these days I will see Wicked and all the music will make much more sense, I'm sure!