Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekly Recap

Finals for hubby were this past week and I am SO glad that they are over! Phew!! I almost feel like I was taking them also. With the hubs not having any window of time to fail a class and retake it he was under pressure to get good grades. He only has two more semesters before he graduates but with the time restrictions of the Delayed Entry Program he has to graduate in December. So, lots of stress, and late nights of studying around our house. But, finals are over and he passed all his classes!!
If you've spent ANY time with me at all you know that I am a stress eater, big time! That means that my goals of eating healthier and exercising consistently went right out the window this week. Add to that, Thing Two got sick and then Thing One got what Thing Two had and they were kind enough to share it with me. And it has been a terrible cold, the kind that makes you feel like you got hit by a truck and you don't have the energy to get up and move before the next truck comes by and whacks you again. Thankfully the hubby didn't start feeling sick until today, I was hoping he would be spared.
My friends, chocolate and sugar, stayed close by all week, unfortunately. They are determined to be my lifelong friends and I keep trying to break up the exclusive relationship we have but they are stubborn! Little do they know that starting tomorrow I will be dating around and sharing my friendship more closely with carrots, boiled eggs, cucumber and all things salad and lean meats. Pretty soon there won't be much room left for my old pals chocolate and sugar!

What snacks do you keep on hand to chase away the sugar cravings?

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