Thursday, March 20, 2014

Birth Certificate

I think I'm starting to get a tiny glimpse of the famous phrase "hurry up and wait" that is used to describe the military at times. Night before last my hubby came and asked me where my birth certificate was and I told him that my parents have it. I've been trying to get it from them for a while now but whenever we are together we always forget to ask them for it. Upon hearing this news my hubby didn't look super thrilled and told me that his recruiting officer had just asked for a copy of it along with a bunch of other documents and they wanted it, like, yesterday. Sigh... Couldn't they have asked for it like a week before they absolutely needed it? At least my parents live in the state so we can get it fairly quickly :)
The  next morning we planned on heading out bright and early to make the 200 mile trip to get my birth certificate. Between my kids being up all night and my hubby needing to submit some homework before we left, it was closer to early-ish when we left.
After a beautiful drive, we made it to my parents house and picked up the oh so needed birth certificate and after giving our girls some time to play with their grandparents and get some wiggles out we headed home so I could make it to my dental appointment on time.

Since we got a late start and had a hard time prying our girls away from their grandparents (who can blame them?) we ended up all going to the dentist appointment! If you've never had a cranky 3 year old and 1 year old waiting in the reception area with your hubby while you have an exam and talk to the dentist about a root canal, you will just have to imagine the chaos!

The aftermath of a crazy morning without a normal schedule and normal naps....
(thing 1)

(thing 2)

The birth certificate has been submitted and now who knows how long it will before they get around to needing it :) I'm not quite sure how I managed to survive 9 years of living out on my own without needing my birth certificate but I imagine that now we are involved with the military it will be one of those things that will be used often so I plan to keep it close by!


  1. Hi. I came across your blog somehow from another blog, and I have to say your daughters are super cute! I am just a new blogger and I would like to make new friends. It doesn't seem easy to be a military wife as I have a couple of friends who are married to people who served and my boyfriend's father is retired from the service as well. Good luck to you!

    1. Thanks! I think they pretty cute, but I am definitely biased! I will be totally new to the military life and being a military wife and I think it will be a good fit for our family, but I'm definitely crossing my fingers!