Monday, March 10, 2014


We submitted our application for OTS last fall and were told that the application would be included in the next round of reviews by the Selection Board which wasn't until Spring. The last few months have been nail biters to be sure!! They don't give you exact date to expect to hear back about whether or not you were selected. They give you a window of dates to expect to hear something, ours was about 4 weeks. Thankfully the recruiting officer called a little over a week into the 4 week time period to let us know that Scott had been selected for the Delayed Entry Program (DEP)! My hubby definitely rocks, he is AMAZING!! The selection process is pretty rigorous and they take a very select few of those who apply. The program that he was selected for has an even higher set of standards that applicants have to meet. It is such a great feeling to see that the United States Air Force recognizes what an awesome man I married! (I knew all along that I had great taste!) I have been super excited and super nervous at the same time as we contemplate this shift in our plans for the future of our family.
Soon we will know exactly what dates he will report for BOT(Basic Officer Training) which is a part of OTS. In the months before then I will be trying to get our house ready to sell, (which will be quite the project, for me mostly, with how busy Scott is with school and work) and become super organized so that when we move, eventually, it will be a smooth transition for everyone and I will be able to focus on settling into and adjusting to a new life and not worrying about where the popcorn popper is, or the girls immunization records, or my favorite books or anything else.

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