Thursday, March 13, 2014

Timeline questions for recruiter

Yesterday Scott met with his Recruiter to sign some paperwork and so I jumped at the chance to slip a few of the million questions I have into the meeting. I narrowed it down to 3 questions and Scott agreed to ask the Recruiter about them.

Question #1: what are the guidelines for having a blog about the Military? I would hate to do something that would jeopardize Scott's position or military operations in any way or anything else.
Answer: Having a blog is fine as long as you are very mindful of what to post and are careful about you say. You never know who will be reading your blog. Basically, if you are questioning if you should say something, then DON"T. I also found this guideline online: OPSEC rules

Questions #2: at what point during training will we know where and when our first PCS (Permanent Change of Station) will be?
Answer: The recruiter actually wasn't sure what the answer to this was. He is an enlisted airman and so when he went through training it was slightly different than it will be for an officer. But, never fear I will find that out one of these days and share what I learn. I just downloaded this guide which seems EXTREMELY extensive and I hope it can answer more questions about PCS.

Question#3:  If we sell our house, put our things in storage and I take my girls and go live with family either before or while Scott is gone for training will they still pay to move us to our first base? (I had heard that they will only move you from the address that is on the application for the Air Force).
Answer: If the things are in storage in the same town that we applied from then it shouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately I will have done all the work of packing up the house and moving everything into a storage unit. But, I won't have a load it onto a truck for a long haul, they will do that and unload it and move us in when it gets there.

One things that the recruiter did tell my hubby was that once they have moved you into your new housing and unpacked you, you need to remind them to come back the next day and pick up all the empty boxes and packing materials for you.

Overall, I've been impressed with the recruiters willingness and ability to answer my questions however trivial they may seem!

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