Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Basement Bedroom Transformation

Over the next MANY months I will post updates as I get my house and family ready for our first PCS after my husband graduates from OTS next year. You might ask, why am I starting now when I have so much time between now and then? Well, when you have two kids who follow you from room to room when you try to get things done and undo the things you have just done, the things that you think will take an hour take a day(at least), the things that should take a day, take a week, etc....

In addition to de-cluttering, getting rid of things, getting organized, and packing the things that I don't want the movers to pack, I will be getting our house ready to sell and it will be mostly me since my hubby is busy with school and work. Our house was built in the 1920's so it needs quite a bit of updating before we sell it. There will be a LOT of wallpaper stripping, wall patching (our walls are plaster) and then painting. Lest you think I'm exaggerating, let me tell you, our kitchen has white wallpaper ON THE CEILING! Who puts wallpaper on the ceiling...?

We put made progress on the bathroom last night and I'll fill you in the details later but for now, here are some pictures of the basement bedroom we worked on last summer.

We did:
  • sealant around the windows, 
  • nasty carpet removed (found laminate tiles underneath the carpet pad that we will do more with later),
  • new paint for the whole room, including the ceiling and windows
    • We used Beige Buckthorn on the walls and white on the ceiling and around the windows
  • Rug that my in-laws gave us
What started out as this:

Morphed into this:
(I love that in the middle pic you can see the bizarre green and some other strange color that were in the room when we bought the house, book-ended by the new beige wall paint and white ceiling paint)

And ended up as this:
Eventually I will either make or buy new, fun curtains for this room and put pictures on the wall.

Thing Two loves having this as her playroom. That being said, I'm hoping that if our next house has space for a play room it will be on the same floor as the main living areas. 

The other downstairs bedroom will be one of my next projects. Right now the walls and ceiling are throw-up inducing yellow. I use it as a craft room/exercise space. It's almost twice the size of the playroom. What color do you think I should paint it?

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