Friday, June 27, 2014

Pajama Shame

Never wear your pajamas to the store. 

Even if your day includes cleaning the whole house and making snacks and dessert, going to your in-laws for dinner and then hosting your hubby's co-workers for a movie night, resist the urge to wear your pajamas on your lightening fast run to the grocery store, even if you've been up, quite literally, all night with a cranky baby!

Why, you ask?

It is guaranteed that not only will you see your neighbor (who probably didn't mind your pajamas) but you will see someone whose blog you follow and you've wanted to meet and you will hide your head in shame and hope she doesn't notice you....

It's inevitable that when you're dressed cute and run errands you will see no one you know but if you make that quick run to the store with your hair in a messy bun and in your sweats you will see everyone you know or want to know.

Am I the only person this happens too? Please tell me it happens to you too...

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